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Just paid for another year of K5BP hosting.

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  • Just paid for another year of K5BP hosting.

    Alright guys. I know I'm just as guilty as everyone else of having a life and abandoning the site. I just renewed the hosting for another year. I'm gonna do some site upgrades that have been long overdue and will be giving K5BP one more year to recover. There's too much info on here to just shut it down. If activity doesn't increase over the next year, then September of 2019 will be the last month online.

    I know a bunch of you had issues with Photobucket screwing up your threads. There isn't anything I can do about it. If you want to fix the threads, it's entirely up to you. The clipboard icon next to the capitol A in the editor toolbar will allow uploading the pics to the site and K5BP will host them so they don't get lost. Please don't use the Camera icon.

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    I know I’ve been slacking on my contributing to the site, both from posting and donating. So I’ll make more of an effort to post and I just made my contribution. Hope it helps.

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