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  • Site upgrades!

    Gonna be doing a site upgrade in the next week. There will be several new features added including better mobile editor support.

    There will also be a new integrated chat feature. Near real time chat. It opens in a new window and is similar to the facebook chat feature. One nice thing about it is it is linked to the PM system as well as supporting pics, videos, and links. All the chats with different folk will be stored as PMs as well as being able to open previous PM sessions and picking up where you left off. If you start a PM with multiple members, then it turns into a group chat kind of like a chat room but private between participants. This may or may not be a feature in which everyone is interested, but still can be handy.

    This time around, I plan on bringing back all the previous color themes. I didn't do it the last time because of the time involved (I didn't have any) but I think you guys deserve it.

    I'll also be adding quoted text where you select the text you want to quote and it only quotes that text. Speaking of quotes, the " that shows up in comments should be going away as well. That's a paid fix that's worth the money.

    There are also several security fixes involved but you won't see or notice them. As with any upgrade, you may notice a thing here or there that needs to be addressed. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line with anything you may have an issue with or an out of place colored border that's just driving you fucking nuts.

    If there is any feature requests, now is the time to bring them up. I do what I can to make this site work well and if it's within my means, I'll create for you.


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    Awesome! Thanks for putting in the time brother.


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      Ok, well the upgrades are done, better now that never. Let me know if any features that were there are missing or inoperable so I can fix them quickly. If you notice any colors out of place, let me know about them as well.


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        With the black/orange theme the banner image isn't coming up....just a "Black Orange" banner


        • Sockalaminski
          Sockalaminski commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks. Fixed it.

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        One of the new features we have is called vBMessenger. It's a chat client based on the PM system. You'll notice on the fixed bar up top there is a Messages menu. It corresponds with your PM inbox. To initialize a chat, select new message from the menu and type away. If the recipient is online, they will immediately get a red box on that menu showing a new message. Your chat session will be a PM thread in your inbox and can be also used to PM back and forth if the other recipient isn't online. If you want to start with multiple users up to 15, select those users on the initial message. They will all get notifications and will be part of the chat whether online or not. It'll show up as a PM in their inbox.

        Word of caution, if you already have a chat window up, alt-tab when you get a new message in that conversation or it will open up a new window.....over and over again. That is a bug I'm hoping will be fixed in the next version.

        If you choose to opt out of receiving instant message notifications, go to your profile > edit settings and select the Account Tab. Uncheck the use vBMessenger checkbox in the Private messages section.