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    I found some new tail lights so I picked them up. I’m not a fan of the 94 Formula lights. I think it looks a lot better with the newer style tail lights.

    Also notice no more “formula” on the bumper.

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      As for the engine upgrade, I’m keeping a few things to myself. I’ve done so much homework and web searching while I should have been sleeping. I’ve scored some forged pistons and H-beam rods. I’m keeping the stock crank as of now but I’ll know for sure when I get it all balanced. I got an aluminum flywheel, twin disk clutch and a new QuickTime bellhousing. My pics are on my GoPro. I took the wiring harness and completely stripped it down and removed all the crap that isn’t going to be on the engine. I do have a pic of when I stripped it down.

      I’ve talked to a guy who is semi local to me that has a 1000hp street legal WS6 and he gave me some tips and tricks. He also shared his base tune with me so I have something to work off of when I get the engine in.

      One secret I will share is, the cooler you can keep your pistons and intake air, the more you can turn it up safely. So with that I set out to find a way to get piston squirters in this 5.3. I found a company that makes a jig for drilling oil passages into the block so I can install small jets to blast oil at the bottom of the piston. These are the only pics I have on my phone.

      This is the jig for #1&8 cylinders with the drill bit in it. This takes the oil from the main bearing and directs some of it toward the piston. The squirter jet is small enough to not starve the bearing but big enough to cool the piston.

      Here you can see the groove where the oil will be and in that groove is where the drill will make contact and go thru the main web directing oil to piston.

      After it’s drilled, you run the tap in about 3/4’’ so the jet cant be pushed thru, but enough where it just protrudes the main web at the piston side. I’ll show pics when they are all done.

      Close up of the jet.

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