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  • Pillar thread bolt

    Where can I purchase a new threadbolt for the RH lower door hinge area? Thank you.
  • Parts Needed:

    Rust Free drivers door for a 1975 Chevy Laguna S-3 (same as a 1973-1977 Chevelle/Malibu Coupe and El Camino)

    I guess we do not completely understand. From what you are showing, are you looking for something to thread the bolt into? If so you would want to weld the proper size nut on the piece, and I would think it would be self-locking threads. Just guessing here.
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      Either way is fine. The thread bolt slide plate is completely gone and I was hoping to find that part and weld it into the pillar so I can thread the three bolts on the lower hinge onto the pillar. Hope that helps clarify.


      • Parts Needed:

        Complete 350 MEFI setup
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        '71 K5 Build for the Wife

        I made that part from scratch. It isn't available to purchase as far as I know.